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Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Insta-Smooth Pods Creme Hair Remover for Face

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bad experience with Sally Hansen pods face creme hair remover


I bought this hair remover creme because it looked easy to use. The pods are little strips with hair remover in the center. You bend back the two ends and the hair remover comes out through a applicator in the center. It is small enough so that you can use it on facial areas with no mess. I did a patch test first on my arm and it seemed to work alright so I proceeded to apply it to my upper lip. I followed the directons exactly as I read and in three minutes I rinsed it off. First of all it did not remove all of the hair and I did not dare apply it for an additional two minutes as it suggested because my upper lip was red and swollen. My skin where i had applied the product felt like it was burning and hurt when I touched it. I was absolutely horrified! The only thing I could think to do was apply neosporin to the area which did help it to stop burning a little. Thank goodness I had off of work for the next two days because I was too embarrassed to leave the house with a red swollen upper lip. It took about 3 days to get around to being close to normal again and that was with me keeping neosporin on the area. This was my experience. Other people may not of had the same problem with it but I would definitely like to warn anyone who is considering using it.

Middle River, MD


Sally Hansen Insta-Smooth Pods Creme Hair Remover for Face

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