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royal spa
royal spa hottub

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Royal Spas are custom made for each customer.


We purchased our hottub from Royal Spa in Evansville, IN about 5 years ago. Their staff was friendly and knowledgable about their products and carry all the supplies needed to maintain your tub. Each tub is made to the customer's specifications . You choose the inside layout of seating and spray heads as well as the inside color and the material of the outside of the tub. They eben give you 30 daays in whuich to trade out sprayheads if you find that the style you chose is not what you like or need. Four years after the purchase we had to have the timer replaced (which was still under warranty) and they were very prompt and efficient in getting it replaced. Our hottub stays running 365 days a year and is used heavily by us and friends. Every part of the tub is still as good as the day it was delivered and set up, even after that much use. I think that speaks highly of the quality in which their tubs are made. I would highly recommend Royal Spa for a good selection of hottubs, colors, layouts and features. I feel like we recieved a great product for the money we payed.

Clay, KY


royal spa hottub

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