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Rheem Heat Pump

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Best Home Improvement Ever


After years of limping my old unit through summer, I  finally replaced it with a Rheem.  It was a huge improvement and a much quieter unit.  I was also told with the installer that the unit was much more energy efficient than the 20 year unit it replaced.  The improvement was instant and obvious.  My house is well insulated but my old unit still suffered through the summers.  It ran from about 8am to 11pm and never shut off.  I'm pleased to see that the house cools to a much more comfortable level much quicker than before.  I would recommend this product to anyone interested in improving the comfort of their home and reducing their power bills. I looked at many models and found a huge price range.  There were cheaper units out there but they used the old freon that is being phased out. It would have been a very poor investment.  Essentially, the unit could have been under warranty but still not be able to be serviced.  Now, I have a unit that will last for the next 20 years.  This was money well spent.

Gonzales, LA


Rheem Heat Pump

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