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Puritan's Pride
Puritan's Pride Acai

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Puritan products are the best supplements for the best price


Puritan Pride's 1000 milligram Acai Berry rapid release softgels with green tea are the best supplement for the best money. I have a situation where my weight will shoot up sky high then for no apparent reason come back to what I usually weigh. Since taking Puritan's Acai Berry product my weigh goes up just a little then comes back down to my normal weigh. I cannot say that it has helped me lose weight but it has taken away the spikes in weight. I have not really dieted while taking this product so I cannot say whether it would help me to lose. I did notice however that the recommended dosage of three softgels a day were a bit much for me causing a bathroom problem. However when I cut the softgels back to two a day the bathroom problem went away. Beside the use for weight th acai berry is a strong antioxident and coupled with green tea it makes for an excellent antioxident effect on your system.

Cabot, PA


acai berry is an excellent antioxidant product


I have been taking Puritan's Pride acai berry for 6 months or more and I have been more energetic and healthy. Acai berry is the most powerful antioxidant fruit because it helps in the regulation of the cellular metabolism. It means that acai berry destroyes cellular antioxidants.

Toms River, NJ


Didn't work for me


I'm constantly trying to lose those last 15 lbs,and like many women out there I struggle with my weight on a daily basis. Yet I hate to take any "diet pills" or things that have lots of caffeine and will make me jittery or interact with my other medication. So when I heard about Acai Berry pills, I decided to try them. Taking two before each meal, I thought they might make me eat less or at least make me feel less hungry. Well, maybe I wasn't doing something right, but I tried them for two months and have noticed no difference in my amount of hunger - if anything, I'm hungrier now than I was when I first started! Maybe a more potent form of the Acai Berry would work, but I was looking for something inexpensive to try first before shelling out a lot of dough on a system cleanser or something like that. Not sure if I'll try anything else or just keep on myself. I'm maintaining the 10 lbs I lost but just can't seem to lose any more!

North East, MD


Puritan's Pride Acai has made me feel so much younger.


I started taking Puritan's Pride Acai 1000 mg. about 3 weeks ago.  I was just generally not feeling good.  I felt tired, achy all over, and just had no energy to speak of. I started taking 3 1000 mg. tablets daily and even within 30-40 minutes I have more energy.  I've started feeling better which has made it easier for me to want to take walks, which in turn makes me want to eat less.  I had tried the "free" acai trial offer found all over the internet, and was taken in by the "free" scam.  DO NOT ACCEPT this free trial. You will receive your free trial but immediately will be charged for the next shipment, and the shipments just keep on coming.  Puritan's Pride is a very well run company, with high quality products and quick service.  I have been doing business with this company for years and have never been disappointed with their products or their prices.  The Acai supplement is especially beneficial when taking in conjunction with Puritan's Pride Colon Cleanser.  I dropped 8 pounds already without even trying.

Saint Louis, MO


Puritan's Pride Acai

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