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propecia propecia

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Brought back my hair!!!


I started Propecia at the recommendatiion of a hair restoration doctor.  It has proved to be a success. My hair has been thicker and has filled in where it was showing more skin. I look much younger because of this. I have had no difficulty with Propecia, though I have heard that it can lower sex drive. I would say "go for it" if you are starting to notice thinning or a bigger "bald spot" on your head.

Beaver, PA


Not as good as Dr. Lewenberg's Formula


I tried Propecia when I was balding a few years ago.  After ample time, I wasn't getting the results I expected. I turned to Dr. Lewenberg's Formula, a product recommended by a family member with my same balding gene.  Since then, my hair has been growing in quick and thick.  I couldn't be happier!

Washington, DC


propecia propecia

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