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A fantastic resource for hotel deals


I love prontohotel and since I discovered it, I book all of my hotels through it. Unlike some other sites that aggregate different booking travel websites, prontohotel keeps them nice and neat in one page. I heard about prontohotel through a friend and just last friday I purchased four nights for 3 rooms at NYC through this site for an upcoming family trip this December for my cousins wedding! It was very simple to find hotel deals, hotel information for the period I would be traveling. This site makes it so easy to compare many booking websites, thousands of hotel rooms, it takes a lot of the work out of finding the best hotel in New York for my trip for the best price, saving more than 40% I managed to get all my bookings at about half the cost thanks to prontohotel!



A powerful search engine and comparison shopper for hotel deals.


As the name suggests, Prontohotels focuses on hotels, specifically last minute deals on hotels. The site does that by crawling other websites for deals. All you have to do is enter a city, a range of dates, and the number of travelers. The site will do the rest for you. The comparison-shopping engine reviews 20 travel websites and begins giving you results within seconds. The complete list takes a few minutes, but you can begin browsing the ones it makes available even as it continues searching. A drop down menu on the top right lets you change the currency (the site accepts several currencies) so that you can determine pricing in your currency of choice. Many of the sites it scours are obscure ones, and thus some of the hotels it finds are obscure/small ones. There are even hostels in the listings it discovers! However, that is both the strength and weakness of this site. On the one hand, it will search sites you've never heard of, and give you results you won't find on other mainstream, large travel sites. On the other hand, if you are simply looking for the mainstream budget, mid-range and higher-end hotels with brand names, well, yes, you'll find some deals for those here, but not as many as you might want to truly make a wide choice. For me, prontohotels is a great companion comparison-shopper - I use it along with other sites in order to get the best, widest range of choices.

Boston, MA



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