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excellent price,quality,and service who could ask for more


If you are looking for value, service, quality and ease of use in a photo web site www.photoworks.com is the place.Photoworks offers a full line of services. Upload photos for reprints or storage, have film developed, they have a full line of photo gives.The prices are outstanding,service is great, and i have never got a product i didn't like.

Livingston, TN


Great company exceptional quality!


I recently had the opportunity to make a few products on the photoworks website.  Allthough the website was not the most user friendly, I quickly got the hang of it.   The only downfall that I did not like was that I was unable to find a way to edit my pictures once I had them uploaded unto their website and inserted into the products.  However; that was minor as I could easily edit them on my own computer with my own software.  I was VERY pleased with the quality of the products.  I ordered a hardcover photo album for Grandparents and it was a nice 8 x 11 size and had a beautiful glossy finish and looked absolutley beautiful they had several beautiful patterns to choose from on the exterior and the interior pages.  You could change the inside and outside layout to fit as many or as little pictures as you wanted and insert captions.  It turned out beautiful and will be a treasured keepsake for many years to come.  I also created a photo calendar, and photo cards and the quality was just as nice.  I would highly recommend this company and order more in the future!

Hartford, WI


Provides good photos but has poor customer service.


*I love to take photos!*  Digital cameras have made it so easy to take literally hundreds of photos whenever and wherever you desire.  I also love using my computer and internet web sites.  You can find bargains galore!  Photo developing sites on the internet are numerable and yes I tried them all.  Photoworks is one of the better ones I have used.  The quality of my prints has been consistent.  The service is always quick no matter how large the order.  They do offer substantional savings on prepaid programs.  However, if you don't take massive amounts of pictures do not take the largest prepaid service.  They do not tell you this but they have an expiration date.  Fortunately I do take large amount of photos and have them developed so this was not a problem for me. Besides photo finishing they also offer a wide variety of photo products.  My favorite is photobooks.  You create a book using your photos!  They make lovely gifts.  Always wait for a sale...they have them often. There is a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

Pittsburgh, PA


the place to go for keeping your pictures safe


The thing I love the most about PhotoWorks is their storage of my photos.  I feel safe in knowing that if anything would happen to any of my portraits/pictures, I can always get reprints.  You also have the ability to "share" your photos with others - allowing them to have prints made for themselves   Their quality of work is outstanding and they are quick in shipping items.

Oakdale, PA



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