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Really cool site!


I think the idea of personalized stamps is just so cool. Lol I think my daughter is just so beautiful that I hae her picture put on everything from personalized tote bags to magnets for the refrigerator. When I realized I could out her cute little face on a postage stamp I was totally psyched! The stamps came out absolutely adorable. The pictures were nice and clear and nothing important was cut off. There's nothing worse when ordering personalized picture stuff than to be all excited to see your creation only to find part of a face is cut off! The only reason that I rated this site as good rather than very good is that they charge a lot extra for the stamps. I understand that they're offering a service not currently offered directly through the post office so they have a right to charge whatever they want, but it seems as if they cold still make a nice profit and charge far less. I actually think they mighy profit more in the long run if their prices were better. I know that I for one would definitely order the personalized photo stamps way more often if they cost closer to the same price as normal stamps.

Southfield, MI


Please do not buy stamps from photostamps.com


I bought 20 sheet of stamps from photostamps.com, The Image of my stamps came out too dark so I return the stamps. Per Photostamps.com website they will issue credit if you return it in 30days. However I did not get credit in my account after sending back the stamps. Their customer service told me that they will send me credit but they never did. I got same answer every time but never got my money back. I am very frustrated and eventually just gave up.

Acton, MA



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