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Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Stoneware

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Great Product


I was introduced to Pampered Chef products by my niece just a couple of years ago. At first, I must admit, I just didn't get the no soap thing. I had always believed that if soap wasn't used, it just wasn't clean. Well, I must admit, I may have been wrong. The reason you're not supposed to use soap when washing is because soap can leave a taste in your foods that you will not enjoy. When the cookware gets so discolored that you can no longer stand it, you can add salt and baking soda to your wash water to clean. You probably will want to do this because after a while, you definitely will notice some discoloration to you cookware especially if you use yours as much as I do mine. Another word of warning in addition to the no soap rule follows. You must also be careful not to put a hot piece of cookware in cold water. The result will most likely be a cracked/broken piece of cookware. Now, understand, these products are not inexpensive. A good idea is to try a pampered chef outlet store. I have found some really good pieces at the outlet stores. Just get on Internet for locations near you. This cookware really cooks my foods just the way I like them. I do recommend this product. Ease of Handling These pieces of cookware are heavy, so beware.


Medon, TN


Pampered Chef Stoneware

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