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Palmer's Shea Butter Formula

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Not tested on animals, inexpensive and great moisturizer.


I bought a 9 oz. jar of Palmer's Shea Butter Formula (it normally comes in a 7.5 oz jar but I was lucky enough to get a special deal) at Walmart. I admit that it was an impulse buy, but after I started using it for a while, I grew to love it more and more. Basically, the product comes in a large, round jar. The consistency is that of cold butter (solid fat). I know it sounds gross, but I put it on my face because I'm cursed with incredibly sensitive facial skin. I have eczema on my eyelids and it gets inflamed and painful during the winter months. Granted, Sacramento really doesn't have a winter month, but when it gets cold, it gets dry. Anyway, I put it on my face, especially around my delicate eye area and not only did it moisturize my skin, it also stopped the painful irritation and the itching. Another quality that I like about this product is that it's not tested on animals. I love animals and I try to live a more eco-conscious life. I guess that's it. Try Palmer's Shea Butter Formula on your skin and probably your hair (I haven't tried it on my hair yet.)


Sacramento, CA


Smells great..works great!


I love Palmer's Shea Butter Formula! In the winter when my skin becomes dry from the cold air, I can always count on this stuff to bring my skin back to life. It not only moisturizes, but it protects and really gives your skin that soft feel and look again. I use it all over my body, except on my face, because I'm afraid it would be a bit too oily to put on my face. Otherise, this shea butter lotion is great. It has a really light fragrance that is noticeable but definitely not overpowering. I put this stuff on each day before going to work, and it helps tremendously. It has proven to be a lifesaver to my hands which really get dry in the cold. If you're looking for a one-stop lotion that can protect and moisturize, definitely try Palmer's Shea Butter Formula. You can get it in various sizes and it is sold at almost any store you can think of. It works great and it isn't overpriced at all. Combined with other Palmer's products, you can be sure your skin will love you!!


Taneytown, MD


This thick and creamy lotion heals your hands


I received a free 1.1 ounce tube of this product as a sample.  I placed the tube on my desk where it sat for weeks.  Finally, one day, when I noticed that my hands were really dry and my cuticles were cracking, I reached for the Palmer's and applied it liberally.  This stuff really works to heal dry, cracked skin. It is formulated with Vitamin E and is promoted as a concentrated cream for extra dry skin.  Shea butter comes from a fruit grown in Africa.  The tree is known as the Tree of Life to the people of Africa.  The fruit of the tree resembles a small avocado with flavorful pulp.  The nut in the center of the fruit is processed to create Shea butter.  Shea butter is a conditioning agent that coats the skin with a protective film, diminishing moisture loss and leaving the skin softer and protected.    It is used to soothe irritated skin, restore skin elasticity, eliminate ashiness, heal burns and soothe chapped lips. This cream is very thick and it is not something that you would use every day because of that.  However, when your skin is cracked and dry, it is the perfect product to use to heal and soothe your skin.  It comes in jars, tubes, bottles and in the form of a soap.  I will definitely buy this product in the future. I would recommend this product to anyone who has dry, cracked or winter-stressed skin.


Boca Raton, FL


Palmer's Shea Butter Formula

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