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Oxy Vanishing Spot Treatment - Sensitive

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Destroy Acne -- Not Your Skin


The greatest strength of benzoyl peroxide is also its greatest weakness. Benzoyl Peroxide is effective at fighting the bacteria associated with acne blemishes, however, it's powerful nature can aggravate sensitive skin. This sensitive skin version of Oxy helps to destroy the bacteria without harming delicate skin. Effectiveness Overall, I'm thrilled with the performance of Oxy. It usually clears up any problems overnight, and it helps keep my skin looking its best with a reduced chance of irritation. The only downside is that it does have a bit of an unpleasant scent. That's because added fragrance can cause skin irritation. It's a small price to pay for a spot treatment that does the job without damaging delicate skin. Ease of Application It comes in a tube and squeezes out in a light, lotion-based texture. Dab a little into the offending pimple, and the white color begins to turn clear as it dries. It absorbs quickly and doesn't smear or flake off like some gels can. Convenience Since it dries clear, it's convenient to use day or night. And the tube dispenses just the right amount to dab onto a blemish. Side Effects After application, I can sometimes feel a little tingle--so I know that the active ingredient is working--but my skin doesn't turn red, or become overly dry and itchy. The skin calming ingredient in the formula does a good job of protecting my skin from irritation. Immediacy Oxy doesn't work immediately, but if I use it at night I usually see significant improvement by morning. A few times it's taken a couple of days to see real progress, but overall, it gives me dependable relief from an outbreak.

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Oxy Vanishing Spot Treatment - Sensitive

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