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overnight mattress

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Overnight Mattress-took 3 weeks for mine


I am so highly disappointed with a company that dares to call themselves "Overnight Mattress". So, I do admit it clearly states that if an item is out of stock, they will call and email you with an estimated delivery time. That has not happened, and 3 weeks later, I am still trying to get an answer as to why I do not have a mattress. Very highly disappointed. I could have had a mattress the same day if I had just went to the store, and being 8 months pregnant, that should have been the route to take. All I know is that when this mattress arrives, I better receive the best sleep I have every gotten.

Algonquin, IL


Memory Foam Luxury Made Affordable


Well it's been 5 months now sleeping on this memory foam mattress from overnight mattress.com The mattress is very soft and comfortable on the top yet very supportive from the lower denser foam. No cradling effect or chemical smell of foam. My sleep is cool even with an electric blanket. Sleep has been very restfull as evidenced by the bed covers which seem very in tact in the morning. This was not the case with my previous spring mattress. Problems I had was with the top chamber that houses the memory foam mattress.It did not sit squarely on the lower foam chamber. The folding to ship the mattress tweeked it. Customer service after the sale was non responsive to my calls for exchanges. I had to call through the sales line to get anywhere. Other than that I am very pleased with the product and enjoy sleeping on my Bamboo Breeze

Nipomo, CA


overnight mattress

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