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Muir Glen
Muir Glen Pizza sauce

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Muir Glen- For Delicious Pizza


As a way to save money I started making homemade pizza. I found a good recipe for the dough and found a cheese we liked, but we weren't happy with the pizza sauces we tried. So we decided to try Muir Glen pizza sauce. It is a very rich sauce that is also thick. I find that to be both a pro and a con. I like the richer flavor, but it is somewhat overwhelming on an entire pizza. I also like that it is thick, but with the rich flavor that only adds to the fact that it can be overwhelming. To solve that problem we mix this pizza sauce with another one and we love the combination.  The can says that it's organic. I like that because I feel like I'm feeding my family something helathier. This sauce is a little on the expensive side (at least compared to the other sauces I've seen next to it at the grocery store.) However, I am able to find coupons for it every now and again which helps with the cost as well as mixing it with another sauce. I am also able to make 2 pizzas with the amount of the sauce in the can alone, which is good. I'd really recommend this sauce. Just go lightly with it the first time you use it.

Mishawaka, IN


Muir Glen Pizza sauce is the best canned sauce out there!


I usually make my own pizza sauce at home, but I decided to buy Muir Glen Pizza Sauce because I had a coupon.  I also bought it because I am trying to eat more organic foods.  I didn't know if it was going to be bland and dull or what?  When I opened the can it had a wonderful aroma to it.  It made my mouth water just smelling it.  I could smell the garlic and the herbs.  The texture was just perfect for a pizza sauce also.  It wasn't too runny or to pasty.  It didn't look all watered down like other canned pizza sauces.  I could actually see the garlic and herbs in the sauce.  I didn't have to guess that they were in it.  I like the fact that it is organic and does not have the pesticide's and things that I am trying to get out of my diet.  There's not a whole bunch of preservatives and junk in it, like others sauces either.  I would saw if you like to make your own pizzas at home and not eat the frozen pizzas, then go get this pizza sauce.



Muir Glen Pizza sauce

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