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morphine morphine sulfate

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Morphine Sulfate Succeeds in Managing Pain


Morphine Sulfate is the generic name for Kadian and several other brands. When prescribed by a physician, this opiate excels in treating chronic pain. It comes in a variety of strengths, This medication is time released so that the patient does not experience too much break through pain. It is prescribed for those who are in concurrent pain and most likely in a chronic pain clinic under a specialist's care. After being subjected to numerous pain medications in the past years, this drug seems to work the best. Part of the treatment involved when taking controlled substances is meeting frequently with your doctor, regular urine testing and signing a contract with the doctor as to using one pharmacy and other imperative rules. On the occasions where I forgot to pick up my medication promptly, I have experienced that there is a physical dependence which can be uncomfortable when withdrawing. However, it is tolerable. Under the appropriate conditions, this medication does relief the patient enough to be able to move around and function.


Fort Gratiot, MI


morphine morphine sulfate

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