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Miralux King Pillow Top Mattress

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Keeps me awake all night it is so uncomfortable!


It has a nice pillow top but when I got it home and slept on it it is so hard that it makes my whole body ache.  I am so glad I do nor purchase a firm matress or I would be in worse shape!  I tried to "get used to it but after a month I had to go back to my old one and put this in the guest room until I can get a better one.  The store clerk told me this was as supportive as a theraputic bed.

Louisville, KY


miralux beds are not as good as they say they are


When I first went to Sit n Sleep there was a fantastic selection of beds. I saw this  king size Miralux Premere Comfort matress. It looked and felt great. I tried so many that beds that day, I really thought this was the one. Great price! Well fom the time the deliverd this bed the problems began. First off the darn thing Squeeked.!! We found out it was the box springs making all the noise.So we got it replaced. So far so good right? Not at all. Within 1 year the bed began to start to sag were our bodies were. Now we are not large people by any means. Together we weigh about 340lbs. Total. This bed should have held up better than this. Ever since I have had to buy thick matress pads to try and help it be more comfortable. It has helped some what, but not enough. So if you have a bad back like I do, I would not suggest this bed at all. I think my next bed will have to be a Sleep number. I hope they are as good as they advertise,because I really need a better bed for comfort and sleep. So I would definitly say do not buy a Miralux matress. They stink 

Whittier, CA


Miralux King Pillow Top Mattress

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