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mindengrill Master Grill Propane

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A Great Buy


We were shopping for a grill that would be easy to use on a boat. We shopped around and compared many different grill but ended up deciding on the Mindengrill Master Grill. I like that the grill is propane, it makes it very convenient for use on the boat. The grill has a great slender design that doesn't take up too much room. It sits nicely in the corner and out of the way. We have used the grill for awhile now and have no complaints. The temperature is always perfect. We have never had a problem with burning foods or not getting them cooked thoroughly. We have cooked everything from steak and burger to fish and even used the grill to cook an awesome weekend breakfast. I am more than satisfied with my purchase of the Mindengrill Master Propane Grill. If for any reason the one I have goes out, I would definitely purchase the exact same grill again. I would recommend this grill to everyone, it is great to use for big or small cookouts.



mindengrill Master Grill Propane

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