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Frozen Italian
Michaelangelo's Vegetable Lasagna

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A frozen vegetable lasagna with a red sauce and cheese.


Michaelangelo's Vegetable Lasagna is a good frozen vegetable lasagna with a red sauce and plenty of cheese. It has lots of vegetables, but there could definitely be more sauce. In fact, my only complaint would be that it tends to be a little dry. I always add a little sauce over the top after baking.



Try Michael Angelos Vegetable Lasagna; you really will like it!


In general, I only eat individual frozen meals out of necessity. I can't remember ever actually liking one to the point that I would actively choose to buy the same thing again because I looked forward to it. This frozen dinner is different. As I sat there eating it, I was shocked by how much I was enjoying myself. The flavor and texture were fantastic, and knowing the quality of the ingredients made me enjoy it even more. If you like Italian and must eat frozen, you have to give this one a try.

Baytown, TX


Michaelangelo's Vegetable Lasagna

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