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method omop wood floor care kit almond

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I like it.


After purchasing the Swiffer WetJet Wood Cleaning Solution, I was skeptical about how well any wood floor cleaning product for a spray mop would work. The Swiffer solution left my floor dull and a little streaky, and while I still use it from time to time just to use up what I have left, I have been shopping around for a better product to take its place, once it is gone. A friend let me use the Method Omop Wood Floor Care Kit, and I have to say that it is a major improvement. It does actually make my floors seem shiny, rather than hidden under a layer of smeary grime, and since it is a natural product, I feel better about using it anyway. I am more supportive of brands that offer safe, effective products that are not as bad for the environment, and Method seems to supply that. It's pretty easy to use, also, and it is great for upkeep and maintenance of your hardwood floors without being too expensive or time consuming.




great product and customer service


Method does a great job of offering competitive products that are earth-friendly. They have taken the market on biodegradeable products. The Method Omop wood floor care kit is no exception. Instead of the swiffer, which I used to use, the omop uses a washable reuseable microfiber pad to clean floors. I never liked all the waste associated with swiffer and other brands. The omop is simple to use, and the cleaning solutions smell so good and do a decent job of cleaning the floors. My only gripe is that twice now I have had the omop snap right below the handle while using it. I am not sure if I push too hard when mopping, but it seems that others have had the same problem. Method does a wonderful job of responding to these issues though. I have e-mailed them both times this happened and they have willingly sent me replacement omops. With a company that stands behind their product like that, I will do business for sure.


Baltimore, MD


almost nothing bad to say


i bought this kit after we bought a house with wood floors.  i liked that the floor cleaner itself was safe and natural and not tested on animals.  the floor cleaner is easy to use...just squirt it on and mop, no heavy buckets full of water to lug around.  it cleans pretty well, though you may need to let the cleaner sit for a few minutes on messes that are a bit more dried-on.  makes floors nice and shiny, and smells amazing. the omop itself is a great idea with one major flaw.  what's great about it?  the curved handle allows you to flip the omop around and easily clean further under furniture than you can with a regular straight handled mop.  the omop comes with a microfiber mop pad which velcros into place on the omop's head.  microfiber is great at helping get surfaces nice and shiny, and then when you're done mopping, you can toss the microfiber pad into the wash.  also, Method also makes sweeper dusters that can be used on the omop for dry cleaning / dusting of hard floors of all types.  the only major downside is that the omop itself is a bit flimsy.  i'm used to putting some elbow grease into the chore of floor mopping, and with the omop, you can't really do that, or the head pops off the the handle part.  it can be reattached easily...but you still can't mop too vigorously, because the omop just can't take it.


Baton Rouge, LA


actually leaves floor somewhat shiny


i recently purchased the method omop wood floor care kit at target and was fairly skeptical. i was searching for a decent wood cleaner high and low, and couldn't find anything that could clean AND shine. murphy's oil soap wasn't cutting it, liked the way it smelled but it seemed to dull the wood (at least it did for me).so i decided to give method a shot and it's a lot better than i expected. the kit is fairly no-nonsense, and all stuff you've seen before, but there's something about the cleaner and mop pad combo that creates a nice shine. it's almost like a buffer pad. floors dry fast and somewhat shiny.


Brookline, MA


method omop wood floor care kit almond

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