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Method Floor + Surface Cleaner

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Excellent Natural Floor Cleaner


While we were switching to more natural cleaners for our home we were trying to find a natural floor cleaner to mop with. We have two little girls in our home and that made us start doing some research for safer cleaning products. We have found that Method is an awesome company with safer more natural cleaning alternatives. Most cleaners today are chemical-filled and petroleum-based that just simply are not good for the environment or humans. This is true of floor cleaners as well. With two little people in the home a lot of messes are made here. We were thrilled to find a natural floor cleaner and one that works. The Method floor cleaner is great for sticky messes and putting non slippery shine on your floors. The cost is not bad and pretty comparable to it's non-natural counterparts. The scent is mild and pleasant. We have had great success with this product in our home. If your family is looking for safer alternatives for cleaning I would recommend trying out this Method floor cleaner. I do not think you will be disappointed.

Greer, SC


Method not bad for the price


I really like the scent of this cleaner, it only lingers for a short time and is a pleasant scent. I think the key is a really light application otherwise it tends to leave a residue behind that is streaky. While I don't feel like it would be harmful, cleaning it a second time with just water is not something I like to do, and would prefer to just use a steam mop if that is the case. Diluting the cleaner even though it says you do not have to seemed to help. Overall I like that it is earth friendly, biodegradable and safe to use with children and pets. Not that adults shouldn't have to worry about chemical cleaners being used. I use it on my linoleum and my laminate floors and they look and feel clean as long as I use small amounts of this cleaner. I love the natural cleaning power of method cleaners, it makes me feel better about cleaning with my kids around. I would say it is a good buy for the price.



Method Floor + Surface Cleaner

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