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method bloq beach sage body wash

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Method Should Stick With Household Cleaners!


I love Method's home cleaning products and use them everywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom to my laundry so when I discovered that they had a body wash as well of course I had to try it out. I wanted to like this since I like most of their household cleaning products, but this was just poorly designed and the scent wasn't ideal either. First, the design. The "blow" design is simply not conducive to use in the shower when your hands are wet and slippery and you just want to get the stupid body wash out. Whoever designed this packaging clearly never actually used it in the shower. Once you do manage to get the body wash onto your pouf it does lather nicely and clean well, leaving your skin feeling clean but not dry. I wasn't overly fond of the Beach Sage scent. I found it rather herbally for my tastes. It smelled more like something you would pick up at an all natural place than I would have liked. It was more on the incense end of the spectrum and that wasn't really what I was looking for. Ultimately I ended up giving this away to a friend who was visiting and likes crunchy granola type scents for her body products.


Vernon Rockville, CT


fairly impressive


i caught this product in a different fragrance at Big Lots and decided to give it a try.  most method products i'd tried before were more-cleaning products rather than personal cleaning products, so i really didn't know what to expect. the container of one i bought is kind of purplish, and the scent is described as "Citron leaf".  the scent is the only thing about it that i don't like.  we actually have a citrus tree in our yard, so i can say from experience that "citron leaf" isn't an inaccurate description of the fragrance...it just doesn't smell good.  fortunately, i find that this fragrance doesn't linger too long.  you're only stuck smelling it while showering, not all day long on your skin. i like the block-shaped container.  it can be a little awkward trying to squeeze it, but overall the shape is actually very practical.  when the bottle starts getting low, it's easy to stand it upside down and let the remaining body wash flow towards the "top".  this isn't the case with many body washes.  with other shapes, it can be difficult to downright impossible to keep the bottle standing upside down. the body wash itself is nice and thick and produces an amazing lather.  with other body washes i've tried it took a lot more body wash to produce a good lather, and the first time i used the Bloq body wash, i squeezed out just as much as i thought i'd need...which turned out to be WAY more than i needed!  a little of this stuff goes a long way, and it lathers just great.  and while i wouldn't call it super-hydrating, it does leave my skin feeling reasonably well moisturized.  i'd definiely buy it again...but preferably in a differentf fragrance!


Baton Rouge, LA


method bloq beach sage body wash

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