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method Squeaky Green Body Lotion Rice Milk + Mallow

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Best smelling lotion ever!


This is the best smelling baby lotion ever! It will leave you little one smelling like a marshmellow! I love this product for several reasons. 1. As I mentioned before, it smells great. 2. It goes on clean. It never leave my babys skin (or my skin) feeling greasy. But it actually moisturizes the skin. 3. It is natural. It has 98% all natural ingredients. The only downsides to this lotion is that it is a little bit pricey. I got the lotion on sale or I never would have purchased it. But I liked it so much that I am going to continue to buy it for my son despite the fact that it costs almost twice as much as other baby lotions. But the product itself truly deserves 5 stars.

Johnstown, OH


method Squeaky Green Body Lotion Rice Milk + Mallow

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