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method Laundry Detergent Peony Blossom

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Keep Coming Back!


I have been using Method for years now, because I love the fact that they're good for the environment and they are easy on sensitive skin. When I saw they released a new scent, I snatched it right off the shelves and I am SO glad I did. Peony Blossom leaves a light floral fragrance that lasts for days and leaves my clothes (and my closet) smelling absolutely heavenly. It brings me the same cleaning power that I'm used to with Method in an all new bottle which is adorable and super easy to store without cluttering my laundry area. Hands down, this is the scent I will be recommending all my friends and family buy.


Mesa, Az


Good product


This method laundry detergent peony blossom is a very good detergent product that I would highly reccommend to anyone looking for a more natural based product. The scent of the product is not very strong and it is very appealing to smell. It is a more natural based product with less harsh chemicals added into the formula. It is also very reasonably priced and provides a lot of detergent for many loads of laundry. It is also very easily accessible at stores and able to find it easy. The performance of this product would be rated as an eight because it does a fairly good job cleaning the clothes. I would continue using this product because I love the brand, the smell and that it is safe for the environment and for myself and my family. I also love that they have different scents to use so I can play around with trying out different ones, but so far I really like this one and will stick with this.


Warren, OH


Pleasantly Scented Effective Detergent In An Easy To Use Bottle


I've tried several of Method's laundry detergents and been consistently pleased with the results. I'm very sensitive to scents but I was having guests for the holidays so I felt like I needed to get a laundry soap that would leave a fresh, clean scent on the towels and sheets my guests were to use so I picked up a bottle of Method's Peony Blossom Laundry Detergent. I love that I could add this to my collection of various laundry products in my laundry area without cluttering the shelf. The bottle was a wonderful small size and very lightweight. I love the pump design which allows you to portion out exactly the amount you need for variously sized loads so you aren't wasting a drop of detergent. I wasn't overly fond of the scent myself but it was pleasant and light and didn't make me sneeze. Nothing that I washed was really caked in dirt or stained since I was just washing towels and sheets in it but I'm sure it is just as effective as the Method's other laundry detergents for heavily soiled items.


Vernon Rockville, CT


Method Laundry Detergent isn't as special as I hoped.


I would like to find a laundry detergent that I can feel good about: that is reasonable in price, that cleans my clothes, that leaves a fresh scent, and that is good for the environment. I was hopeful about Method's detergent in Peony Blossom, as peonies are my favorite fragrant flower! Method is known to be a more environmentally friendly brand, and when this detergent went on sale, I picked up a bottle at Target.  Unfortunately, I was a little less than excited about the results. The fragrance did not stay true, and my clothing came out without any kind of freshness. I have a high efficiency front load machine, so perhaps this is part of the problem. I had to kind of guess how much to use, but maybe this detergent just isn't appropriate for my machine. My clothing even came out a little dingier (especially the lighter colors) than when I put them in, which was not a good thing. I still have the bottle, but I only use it as a back up -- and fortunately, I have not needed a back up yet. 


Omaha, NE


Doesn't make me sneeze!


I started hunting around for a new detergent after I realized that the one I had been using was the cause of my husband's frequent allergy attacks. I bought this on a whim, because I love Method's other products and figured I would give it a try. I absolutely love it! It really gets my clothing clean and I love the unique pump system. You can really control how much or how little detergent you are putting into the machine instead of having to "guess." Sometimes, if I'm only washing fabric that I've just purchased, I'll only use one pump. I love knowing exactly how much detergent I'm using. The smell is lovely and light and, best of all, it doesn't make anyone in the family break out into a sneezing fit! I think it is well worth the money, and there are often coupons available for it. I've seen it in several places, even at Babies R Us. Kudos to Method for another awesome and earth friendly product! 


Virginia Beach, VA


worked fine, felt good about it


I purchased Method Laundry Detergent in Peony Blossom because I had a good coupon which I matched up with a good sale, otherwise it would have been a little more then I wanted to pay. That said, I really liked the idea that in this tiny bottle there were so many loads of laundry. It was so nice to be able to feel like I wasn't wasting so much plastic in packaging. I also like the fact it was compatible with my HE washer. I was a little afraid the Peony scent would be unacceptable to my husband, but it is really mild and subtle. Just smelled clean mostly. You have to pump the detergent into your washer and it worked like a dream until the bottle was mostly empty. Then I had to unscrew the cap and just dump what I hoped was the right amount into the washer. I liked that the detergents itself were more earth-friendly also. I would love to purchase this again, but it is just a little out of my price point. I am watching for coupons and sales that would make it come back in my price point, since I would prefer to buy it becaue it is more earth friendly.


Quincy, WA


Small, but Mighty...and Smells WONDERFUL!


I had been using Method's previous laundry detergent for many months and was excited to try this new product once released.  I was a little skeptical when I saw the size of the bottle, but don't let that fool or discourage you from trying it out!  This little bottle uses way less detergent the most other brands and the pump offers unmatched convenience. This is compatible with HE washing machines.  You just load your washer and add 4-6 pumps, depending on the size or how soiled your load is.  The little bit goes a long way and clothes come our wonderful clean and smelling fresh.  The detergent is good for the environment and safe on your septic system. I have tried all three varieties/scents offered in this new line:  peony blossom, fresh air & unscented.  This scent is by far my personal favorite.  My husband doesn't mind it, but prefers the fresh air scent for his clothing and we use the unscented on the baby & kids clothes.  The scents left behind are nice and noticeable, not overpowering. I would recommend giving this detergent a try if you are looking to switch to a more natural detergent.  I would think that the bottle design alone would appeal to busy moms (often working one-handed), college students & families that utilize public laundry facilities...not bulky and SO easy to use!!


Gettysburg, PA


The best laundry detergent out there!


I have been a huge fan of Method's line of cleaning products for a very long time. I was so excited when I heard about their new laundry detergent I had to try it right away. I am so impressed with their new laundry detergent. It is in such a tiny bottle! But do not let that fool you! While it may be small, it cleans better than any detergent that you might have tried before.  It is so environmentally friendly on so many different levels. First, it contains very little water. This makes it able to come in a very tiny bottle, using less plastic and less water! Then, the dose for each load of laundry is very small.  The ingredients are 95% natural and renewable ingredients. The formulation is completely biodegradable and non-toxic.  The bottle itself is so easy to use! You don't have to measure out the amount or worry about spilling. All you do is pump out 2 or 3 pumps per load. No spilling! No mess!  You can use this detergent in both standard and HE machines.  I love the Peony Blossom scent. It does not smell like chemicals and is a very light scent. 


Massillon, OH


method Laundry Detergent Peony Blossom

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