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Method Cucumber Dish Soap

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Ridiculous Bottle, Great Product


I have been very pleased with Method's dishwashing liquids in the past so I didn't hesitate to pick up a bottle of their Cucumber Dish Soap when I stumbled across it. I use an automatic soap dispenser in my kitchen so the unwieldy bottle didn't particularly bother me. For those without one their other pump style bottles would be infinitely easier to use. The Soap itself had a nice, light, pleasant scent and really did smell quite a bit like cucumbers. I found it to be a fresh, clean scent that was perfect for the kitchen. I was very pleased by the performance as well. It did an amazing job on everyday dishes and with a bit of soaking first it did an admirable job on a pan from baked ziti. If it can clean off baked on tomato sauce and cheese it's a pretty darn good soap. It is essential that you presoak first with items such as those. I didn't notice a bit of greasy residue so it does a very good job with grease as well.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Method is fabulous!


I hate doing dishes, but the Method Cucumber dish soap makes it a tad better. I found out about the Method products when I was looking for some cleaning supplies that weren't full of harsh chemicals. Our local stores have a few items, so I can sometimes buy them there, but usually order online. I've been thrilled with the cleaning products so far. You really don't need a lot of the dish soap to clean a ton of dishes. I have 4 people at home all day, so we tend to have many, many dirty dishes. The bottle is a tad clunky (mine is not the curvy shapped but the tear drop shaped), but I really don't have any "cons" about the product. The scent is fabulous. Not too strong, not too light. I am sensitive to heavily scented things, just walking down the cleaning aisle in the store about does me in. So I thought the scent was perfect for me. Now I don't feel like I am polluting the environment when I do the dishes. :-)

Hagerstown, MD


LOVE it!!!!!!!


I love most method products.  I LOVE that they are not tested on animals and are biodegradable.  I have youg kids and I like that they are less harsh so if they want to help me clean I feel safer with these products.  They have great scents and even though they are alittle pricy they are well worth it.  I will always buy method products and love their dish soap.

Colchester, CT


Great Product, Terrible Package


I love method products.  The products themselves are great at cleaning what I need and also keeping the products in an environmentally friendly package, which is very important to me.  Still, I have to say, because of the packaging of this product, I may never buy it again.  It looks really cool on shelf, but due to the odd shape, it does not stay in my hand especially when my hands are soapy and wet.  I can't tell you how many times this bottle has fallen into my sink almost breaking a glass or plate because it slipped right out of my soapy hand.  I also hate how it opens.  I ended up just leaving the twist cap in the open position because all the soap builds up on the top and when I go to open it, it just slips and I have to get something with grip to open it.  The product itself is great.  It smells wonderful, it cleans fabulous, but the package is such a turn off that unless I buy something that I can transfer the product into (which then bothers me because of the excess plastic packaging, I will not buy this ever again.  What happened to the easy to use flat package with the shoulders?Don't buy this unless you transfer it to another easier to use package.

Bridgeport, CT


Eco friendly cuke dish soap that makes washing dishes fun. Kinda


***Quick View:*** I like Method products and was drawn to this dish soap because it seemed to have a different scent than the others and because Method is an eco friendly company. I like this product but the scent is a touch overwhelming for me. Still a very good dish (and pan and silverware and glass....) soap. ***About Method Cucumber Dish Soap*** This comes in a big 22 ounce plastic bottle. I am not fond of how big the bottle is and how oddly shaped it is so I often refill an old dish soap bottle and recycle the Method container when it is empty. The scent is definitely cucumber! I expected to smell something like a mix of florals with some cucumber mixed in but this isn't floral. I like the scent but it is somewhat strong and, after a while, I grow tired of inhaling cucumbers when washing dishes. I worried that the scent would stay on my dishes but it doesn't, thankfully.This is concentrated. I don't need a lot to get a sink full of dishes clean although I don't see mounds of lather. I sometimes need a bit extra for really tough pots and pans but I use much less Method dish soap than I do other brands.According to Method, their products are: * * naturally derived * biodegradable * never tested on animals * contains no phosphates * *Method contains biodegradable anionic and nonionic surfactants and no phosphates*. I like this dish soap and will continue to use it but not exclusively. I like to mix up scents even when doing dishes! This is also a bit pricey but does seem to last and is good for the environment, which is worth paying a bit extra for, in my opinion.***My Viewpoint******Method Cucumber Dish Soap ***is a nice change from the floral scented dish soaps I use and it works well. It's concentrated and eco friendly. I do think the scent is a bit much though and wish it were a bit subtler. Still, this is a fine product and worthy of*** 4 stars.***

The heart of , NY


Ecofriendly Cleaner


I use Method products a lot because they are great at cleaning and great for the environment.  **Method Cucumber Dish Soap** has a very sweet fragrance that is different from any other dish soap I have tried.  The soap cuts through grease and stains on your pots and pans to leave a great shine.  It works great in water forming a lather for cleaning and I feel good about using this "green" product.  This soap also doesn't dry your hands, but leaves them smelling fresh.

Las Vegas, NV


Great product and Environmentally friendly too!


Awesome product.  Not just the cucumber scent, the unscented, lavendar and grapefurit are all great.  I love this line of 'Method' products.  I try my level best to use as much Environmentally safe products as possible.  They are affordable. The product is availbe in refill packs thus minimizing wastage.  They are mild yet the cleaning pretty well.   I am generally the 1st one among my friends to start using Environmentally friendly products. Whatever I use, my friends know its good. Thus so many of my friends have started to use these products after they have seen it my house and ever one of them are happy.  So I thought spreading the word.  My favorite scent is the lavender.

San Mateo, CA


Method Cucumber Dish Soap

4.3 7