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e-commerce website - medical equipment


I found this website to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and very informative. The range of equipment available for sale was fantastic. As a medical Doctor, I could negotiate as I had such a choice. I was able to contact the seller but more suprisingly, the Website gave me the option to receive quotes from other sellers of the same or similar devices. Perhaps the only downfall was that I had to wait to hear back from the seller via email, I suggest a chat service directly with the seller. Advice was readily available on this site, the turn-around time was efficient and overall I am most pleased with the results. Thanks MedWOW.

Chicago, IL


A helpful and useful website


While searching for medical equipment, medwow.com was the first site listed. I am the manager of an imaging center and after investigating this site was thrilled to learn that I could list all my used medical equipment for free. There is a transaction fee only when and if the item is sold. I was also advised by the efficient Customer Support lady that I could purchase "LEADS" from them which I duely did. After purchasing 10 buying leads, I was put in contact with buyers and have managed to already sell one of my obsolete cardiac ultrasound probes. I am currently in negotiations with 2 other buyers and hopefully my entire inventory will be sold shortly.

Chicago, IL



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