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mark Mist Opportunity Multi-tasking Refresher

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As a Toner, It's a Missed Opportunity


Unfortunately, most toners contain quite a bit of potentially skin-damaging alcohol or witch hazel. Over the years, the constant use of toners has made my skin feel a little more sensitive. So, I bought a bottle of alcohol-free Mist Opportunity. Packed with natural extracts like grapefruit, kiwi, and lemongrass, Mist Opportunity is a good source of antioxidants for skin renewal. I think this toner is probably a better choice for someone who has normal-to-dry skin. It just wasn't quite clarifying enough for me and it didn't impress me enough to purchase again or recommend to others. Effectiveness Mist Opportunity is actually more of a skin refresher than an astringent toner. In fact, when I spritz it on my face it doesn't feel any different than tap water. There's no sting, no residue, and no tight sensation. Unfortunately, there's also not much of a difference in the oil level, clarity, or quality of my skin. Scent The scent is completely unremarkable. Someone with a good sense of smell may be able to pick up the grapefruit, kiwi, and lemongrass extracts in the formula, but I couldn't really smell much of anything. Which, quite honestly, is not a bad thing in my opinion. Ease of Application The toner comes in a spray bottle, so you can either mist it on your face or onto a cotton pad. I prefer using a pad because I can control the application better that way. Sometimes the mist leaves a few undesirable droplets.


Chicagoland, IL


love mark!!! great products!!


i love this toner!!! smells great and doesnt dry my skin out! i use this toner all the time! infact i bought two just to keep one in my gym bag for an after workout refresher! i tried this as a sample from a friend who started selling avon, and i love it! just like all the other mark products i am a fan for life! i hope they dont change these like they do oftern, keep these please! i love that it's all nautral and made from fruits and plants, great for your skin! the spray is easy to use, less cotton balls to use, saves money for sure. it smell great! fuity and light great stuff!! its also super refreshing! i use it in the morning for a wake-up and after a workout to put some good stuff in my skin! i also recommend using after the shower since it will absorb more. i use the other mark products from this line as well, and they're all so great! i suggest helping out your local avon rep and buying these products!! avon and mark have great stuff!


Valencia, CA


This should be in every mark. New Rep Starter Kit.


I am so glad I got this product in my mark. New Rep Starter Kit! I fell in love with it after using it one time. This makes your skin fell refreshed & hydrated, & makes your make up look like you just put it on again. It really is a great skin "pick-me-up". I would definitely recommend this to anyone who feels like they need to refresh their skin often & dosn't want to re-apply their make up. I will be buying this again when I run out. :)


Georgetown, OH


mark Mist Opportunity Multi-tasking Refresher

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