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mark. Juice Gems Squeeze On Lip Gloss - All Shades

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mark. Juice Gems Make Lips Juicy!


I bought three varieties of these - the honeydew, pomegranate, and raspberry. My least favorite was the honeydew, (a light pink color,) as it sort of stung my lips, and it was really sticky. I am debating which one I like better - the pomegranate or the raspberry. They both smell really yummy, but both are really sticky. You know what's cool? It has real fruit extracts in it! The pomegranate was faulty though - it like exploded in my cap. That's why I am leaning towards the raspberry one a tad more. The raspberry lip gloss is a dark-ish red, while the pomegranate is bright pink/red. They are both brilliant shades, and all smell scrumptious! I really like mark. and AVON in general. They both are very reputable with their makeup/products. I have bought sunglasses, lip gloss, eyeshadows, eyeliners, soaps, or anything else you can think of from them, and have almost always been satisfied! I was a representative for them for a while, and it was exciting receiving catalogs and receiving orders.

Napa, CA


My favorite lip gloss!


I love mark. lip gloss juice gems! It is totally my favorite lip gloss that I own or have ever owned for that matter. The color is perfect for me. I get the lightest color for my lips as I am fair skinned. I am not sure what the name is, but it is a peachy color and it really looks great. I have gotten several compliments on it. The only true issue that I have with this lip gloss is that it is very expensive and the only reason that I get it is because I get it for a discount with my mom who sells it. If it wasn't for that I would not buy this lip gloss because the price is so high. It does last for a long time so that helps a lot. When I mean lasts for a long time I mean that a bottle goes a long way, but the problem is when you put it on in the morning it barely lasts at all. I feel that there is no good lip gloss out there that really does last on your face for the whole day so I guess this one is no different.

Rice Lake, WI


Just Juicy


I use all of teh Avon MArk Juice Gems lip gloss. They have the best shine and last a real long time. The colors are very nice and go well with everything. The price is great. And the boys love to kiss you when youare wearing the gloss. Girls young and old will love this product. A must buy.

Los Angeles, CA


mark. Juice Gems Squeeze On Lip Gloss - All Shades

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