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mark Get A Tint-Tinted Moisturizer Lotion-SPF 15

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Great value, but could be a little better :)


I love the options that Get-A-Tint gives the wearer. It's slightly heavier than some of the powders mark. offers (the oil control powder is particularly low-coverage) but definitely lighter than the heavier foundation products they offer. In terms of moisturizing, I didn't really feel my skin improve through using the product. My skin stayed almost exactly the same. The product didn't make my face break out, which is great. The shades that it comes in are pretty good, and it blends really well with my skin tone. Over time, the color slightly changed to a shade with a heavier orangey tint, so I would say definitely pay attention to the color of the tinted moisturizer and when it starts to get orangier and heavier, buy a new bottle and save yourself the hassle. In terms of applying, you don't really need any special brushes. It's nice to use a foundation brush because it is liquid, but I think that fingers work just as well! A good value for the price, just pay attention!

Laurel, MD


Wonderful product!!!


The Mark Get A Tint-Tined Moisturizer is by far a great product for its price! I can not say enough how much this tinted moisturizer is wonderful.  At first, I wasn't convinced I would like the product because of how inexpensive the product is, but when i tried it on my hand it blended in quite well. I couldn't believe my eyes, I wasn't even sure if there were actually any tint in the moisturizer because of the way the product blended oh so perfectly with my skin. As I applied the tinted moisturizer my face, it  evened out my skin tone without making it seem like I had any make up on. The tinted moisturizer will give you an "All-natural-no-make-up" look; which I love products that can do that.  Since I bought this product, I have used it religiously now!! Although It doesn't give you full coverage (it is a tinted moisturizer after all), but it is nothing a concealer can't fix. This product is so lightweight, and I love that it has SPF. I highly recommend that you have this product in your make-up collection!!! It's a must have!! =)

Fresh Meadows, NY


Feels Just Like Your Skin, Only Flawless!!!


***This was my first time using a tinted moisturizer before. I must admit that it was pretty easy. Once you pick the color that matches your skin tone, the rest is easy as pie.*** ***In my case, I just applied a dime-sized amount to the palm of my hand and rub my hands together. I then gently rubbed the moisturizer into my skin, paying special attention to areas of discoloration like my jawline and around my nose. WIth this product, you don't have to worry about applying too much because it melts right into your skin. If you need more coverage, just apply more product to that one area.*** ***I also found that while using this product I didn't need any other products. I used some of this under my eyes for my dark circles and it worked just fine. I especially like that you don't need too much, so you actually save money in the long run using this. I think it's also good for teens who want to use foundation, but either can't afford it, their parent's won't allow them to use it. or just can't find the right color.*** ***Overall, I thnk this product is cool because it's affordable and easy to apply. Definitely recommend it!***

Detroit, MI


Fabulous product!


I use this every single day. It gives great lightweight coverage. It evens my skin tone so well without being too heavy or too caked on. It's very moisturizing, blends into my skin tone well- best of all, it does not break out my oily, acne-prone skin because it's oil-free! It's great for dry or normal or combination skins as well because it's moisturizing at the same time prevents oil and shine!

Dayton, OH


mark Get A Tint-Tinted Moisturizer Lotion-SPF 15

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