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you get what you pay for


I was attracted to love2dnc as I saw some of the deep discounts they had on most of their selection. I was so thrilled I had saved a lot of money only upon checkout did I realize I was paying most of my saving on shipping and handling, My order arrived later than promised and the company wouldn't issue a refund for the shipping costs. I also had to return some items as well as they were falling apart and I was forced to pay return shipping! I will never shop here again. Don't shop here as you will be disappointed. Ease of Use The website is very easy to use. It has a great layout and it's a jumbled mess. It is a lot of fun too! Product Selection They do have a fair product selection but I question the quality of some of their brands. Product Pricing Products are very reasonably priced however I feel that they are of poor quality in some cases. Several items that I ordered were not well made and I returned them. One item was so shoddy that it was damaged in transit! You get what you pay for. Customer Service Customer Service can't be a priority with this company. I felt like I was talking to someone who never went to school a day in their life and lacked common courtesy, empathy, and tact. I couldn't wait to get off the phone with her. I have never spoken to someone so rude! The only reason I gave them a 3 is because I didn't have to wait long to talk to them. Shipping and Returns Their shipping prices are a bit steep and their returns process seemed to be a hassle. It took me almost a month to get my money back.





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