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Koegel Vienna Hot Dogs

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they are better then any other hot dog I have ever tasted.


The first time I had koegel hot dogs was when I came to Flint Michigan. Koegel hot dogs are made in Flint Michigan and are sold at most restaurants in this area. Now Koegel hot dogs are the only hot dogs I bring into my house and the only hot dogs my mom and dad eat and have there in there house. Koegels make several different kinds of meats and they are all good.

Flint, MI


won't eat any other, anywhere!!


Koegel vienna franks are made only in MIchigan, which has the strictest food standars in the US.  HTese are natural casing franks, but Koegel's also makes the same frank  in  askinless form.  I wil not eat any thing else, will not eat any franks from other states,,

Bay City, MI


Koegel Vienna Hot Dogs

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