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Isomers Moisture Rich Antarcticine Cream

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Moisture Rich Atarcticine Cream is my Pick for Fall and Winter


May I tell you about my discovery from Isomers Lab.  It is simply wonderful.  This Moisture Rich Antarcticine Cream is perfect for me during the fall and winter months, believe it or not even down here in south carolina during fall and winter the air gets very dry and I imediatly notice it on my skin, hair, scalp and lips.  I have purchased and used this product for several years and about six month ago, Isomers had a sale going on for this product in a half liter bottle and I jumped at it and stocked up on it.  The nice thing about her products is, they simply work and most of her creams have a two year shelf life.  This is one of them. So, let me tell you how I use it.  After cleaning my face morning and evenings I use h-pur  100 also called Hyaluronic Acid about four drops  (also by Isomers Lab) and then I use one or two pumps of Isomers moisture rich antarcticine cream all over my face and neck.  Followed by eyecream and lip moisture.    

West Columbia, SC


Isomers Moisture Rich Antarcticine Cream

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