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iRobot Roomba Discovery Vacuum

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Awesome Touch Up Cleaning


This does a great job in cleaning. I would use this for touch up work and small messses. It's not the best for a deep cleaning due to the size of it. I loved it for low traffic areas and it did great on non carpeted surfaces. It's nice to be able to kick back and let the vacuum do the work. Maneuverability This thing maneuvers great. It spins in complete circles and typically doesn't even get stuck. Sometimes it will get wedged under something. Ease of Maintenance Super easy up keep. After every use just clean out the brushes and check the filters monthly. Suction Performance Doesn't have the suction power of a large vacuum but this little things works like a charm. Versatility I keep mine seperated from room to room so it only does one time of surface at a time. It cleans vinyl floors great and carpet. It will go from one other but depending how plush your carpet is it has trouble going from one surface to the other. Design This has a great design. It's easy to clean easy to dumb out the yuck without having to touch it. The design allows it so it rarely gets stuck. Durability They seem to last for the long haul. Mine was retired when I managed to get a Dyson vacuum cheap. It did lots of vacuuming and is still going strong.



Works good but bangs into walls


I purchased this iRobot Roomba Scheduler at a yard sale and they had lost the scheduler controls so I never got to try that part out. However, with two little kids in the house it's impossible to schedule when the floors will be picked up for vacuuming so I'm not sure that I would have gotten much use out of the scheduler anyways. This vacuum vacuums well as far as actual vacuuming goes. It is very noisy, and bangs into walls (they fixed this in later models - later models just barely tap the wall without banging into it). I liked it well enough that I purchased a newer iRobot model a few months after getting this one and the newer models have a few nicer features that make them even easier to use but over all this model does the job and I still keep it around and charged for those times that I need two vacuums at once. Maneuverability This vacuum tends to bang into walls. I own a different iRobot model that doesn't do this. Suction Performance I think it gets the floors cleaner than when I vacuum Versatility We tried this out in our office and it doesn't work well because it gets caught up in all our power chords but it works great in the rest of the house.

Knoxville, TN


I love mine, I can't believe how much it will pick up.


So far so good.  I got mine for Christmas so I'm still figuring it out but I've been impressed how well it cleans the carpet.  It's fairly quiet considering it's a vacuum.  The little brush on the side cleans really well under the edge of the furniture and not too bad along the walls.  It moves around really well.

Washington, MO


This was a disapointment


I received this a present and thought I was going to save a lot of time. I didn't. This thing kept getting stuck in between the furniture and then the battery would go dead. It works great if you have wide open space. I found it faster to just whip out the old fashioned push vac.

Jasper, FL


Dog hate it.....KIDS AND MOM LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!


The dog runs from it but I am in love!!!! It was pricy...yes. It does need to be cleaned out often...yes. BUT.....that's minor compared to the time that I am saving with this! We have 4 children age 8-14 and a american staffordshire terrier.....we only have one room that is carpeted....the other 3000+ square feet are wood know the kind where the dust bunnies make their way to the corner really quickly? I used to spend so much time sweeping and vacuuming every day. I remember thinking one time that I would like to have a job outside the home rather than work from home all the time....then I wondered BUT WHO WOULD CLEAN THE FLOORS? It was THAT bad...seriously! I have 1 roomba for each floor....this pet one we use on the main floor because that is where the dog mainly is but it also works better on things like grass, people hair, bigger crumbs etc so I'm thinking about replacing the other with this one. I love this thing and gave it a perfect rating but there are some things that you should know before making your decision to purchase any roomba. 1. It will not pick up large things. 2. if you have the higher wood register covers, it can and will knock them out of place and get stuck in the vent whole. 3. If you are obsessive about the floors, you will want to plan to still clean them.....maybe half as much as you did before. I went from daily to 2 times a week. 4. it did get stuck on my rugs in front of the we bought new ones with great backing to keep it in place and that solved the problem. 5. It's not quite as smart as they want you to think it starts out going in circles and can get a whole empty room easily but when obstacles are involved, it bumps them and changes directions....I babysit mine while I do laundry...check on it and set it back on course if needed. Point is...its great if you need some extra help and I think its well worth the money BUT it won't do the whole job for you....there is still a bit of effort needed on your part.

Plainfield, IL


Great little gismo


Roomba Discovery IRobot is a great little gadget. We really like it - it allows us to multitask when getting ready for guests, which is a great time-saver. While Roomba is vacuuming, I am preparing food, and my husband is setting the table - work great! However, it gets caught between chair legs, and then we have to rescue it, but it's still worth the money...

San Francisco, CA


It is awesome, great for a busy person if you use the schedular.


I just absolutely love it, don't know what I did before I had it.  I have it set up in the high traffic area of the house and it is scheduled to run twice a week while I'm out at work.  I come home to clean house with the roomba back in the charger (more often than not. 

Seattle, WA


An essential item for the the multi-tasker


I had surgery and was not allowed to vacuum. Well I couldn;t stand it, and asked for a Roomba straight away.  It saved my sanity and entertained me.  Now it's just part of our weekly cleaning life.  It does upsatirs, I do down. It does the master bedroom, I do the living room.  It is noisy, vacuums the room like a drunken sailor, and needs to be cleaned often and carefully. But, I love it.  I am waiting with baited breath for design improvements through the years and to have more! 

Fort Mill, SC


I love my Roomba!!


The iRobot Roomba is amazing. I love it! I use my Roomba daily. I have had it for several years. I had to replace the battery once. I called customer service and they took care of it. They sent me a new battery free of charge. The virtual walls are very helpful when cleaning one area. The Roomba works great on tile, hardwood floors and carpet. Be careful if you have berber carpet. Sometimes, the berber has some frayed ends and the Roomba will suck it in.

Sarasota, FL


Wish I'd bought this sooner.


I have thought about getting a roomba for years, but thought they were too costly, and likely not as good as they were touted to be. I got a really good price on a new one, and decided to take the leap. WOW, am I impressed. I have 7 cats, a messy African Grey parrot, and a mini schnauzer who is allergic to everything. I also have laminate flooring in my LR and DR. It shows everything! The roomba picks up the clumps of cat hair from my long haired cat, and also the ever present layer of cat hair from the others. It also gets the dust, dander, etc. from the animals. It even gets the bird food thrown by my parrot, which is a huge benefit, Greys are really sloppy! it goes under the furniture in the LR and most of the furniture in the DR. I do have to clean it after every use, because of the long cat hair, but that is a small price to pay for not having the nasty looking floor, and not having to drag out the vacuum or broom. I have fibromyalgia, and osteo arthritis, so any type of cleaning is miserable for me. This little machine is my new best friend.

Stafford, NY


iRobot Roomba Discovery Vacuum

4.1 72