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Image 8.0 Elliptical

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I've loved mine for 6 years


My husband bought this for me for Christmas of 2005 and I've been using it regularly for 6 years now. The pulley broke just this week and instead of buying a new one, I'm replacing it because the machine has been so good to me. Parts are pricey, but that's normal for any elliptical or treadmill. Performance Great step tracker, calorie counter, miles calculator, etc. The resistance has been by best friend anytime I want to make the work out more difficult, and the screen is easy to read. Comfort The hand pads slip down the bars, but I can just move them back up when that happens. Ease of Use User friendly and not a drain on batteries. Durability It does need oiled/lubed every now and then or it will squeak. Luckily that's all it takes. Design It's big, so you need space for it.

Columbus, OH


Complete waste of hard earned cash.


Bought this piece of junk for way too much, I think I spent around 400.00 for it and finally assembled it and the resistance didn't work. So after reordering and replacing every single part on the machine and learning a tech would cost more than the worth of the thing I gave up on it. I can use it but the resistance has never worked, so its basically just a large paper weight. Never buy Image products, they are terrible and too expensive.

Grass Valley, CA


Image 8.0 Elliptical

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