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IKEA Can Opener

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Great hand held can opener at a low price!


My hubbie bought this for me, and I was a bit leary of it.  It cuts below the rim, on the outside of the can.  The edge does not have any sharp points if you have to scrape the can clean.  I feel that it is safer for my kids (3, 5 and 7 years) to not only operate, but also to dump contents out.  It is also easier for my left handed children to operate, than the traditional hand held can opener (they can't operate those!).  On the down side, it seems to take a bit longer than the traditional opener I have been using, and doesn't feel as "solid" or "strong" as I use it.  However, if my kids can help, it is safer and cleaner to use, I'm sticking with it!

Abilene, TX


nothing wrong wit it


IKEA has really expanded their product base and they now have a wide variety of things. In the past they only sold a few things are overly used to have really become a great household store. They now sell everything even this can opener and really the customers benefit because IKEA is a low price at the store much like Wal-Mart, although I would say that IKEA has a much better feel and environment as well as better products overall. Everyone knows that IKEA sells things cheaply and although it may not be the best of the best quality co-op most people find it to be extremely good for the money. Is this can opener is a perfect example. There is really very little to say except that it does its job and opens my cans perfectly with no hassle with very little effort. It is an attractive piece and does nothing really that I can find as a fault. It opens cans, it looks good, and it was very cheap. There is really nothing wrong with it.

Oceanside, CA


IKEA Can Opener

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