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ifrogz Earpollution Toxix Headphones

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Excellent headphones for the price!


I've used the iFrogz earbuds previously, and was quite pleased with them. With kids, though, things tend to vanish. So I was in the market for a new pair, and I found these. Id heard that the style was popular, but being an audiophile, the sound quality is what attracted me to the brand initially. I bought this pair, though in red/gray/black. They're very nice, comfortable, the foam is like memory foam. The sound quality is excellent, I use them with both my MP3 player (Zune) and my phone (Huawei Ascend II). I've heard things in music I'd never noticed before. So, for the price, these headphones are a must buy. I highly recommended them! Sound Quality Clear, good bass. Comfort The cushioning is very good.

Tulsa, OK


ifrogz Earpollution Toxix Headphones

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