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Brought to us by groupin


I initially felt frustrated I was receiving emails from a company I haven't ever heard of. I felt like it was filling my email box every day and I was just deleting them. And then I saw they had my favorite chemical peel for half the price. But, again, I had no clue who this was so I did some research. This company is owned by groupon, which is well known and hasn't ripped me off yet. So I placed the order and hoped for the best. Shipping was fast and the product was exactly what I expected. My biggest problem with this website is that the products are totally random. It feels like when you go into marshals ans you have to hunt and hope for the best. As a result, it can frequently be a waste of time, which is why I rated it a 7. Everything else with my order ran smoothly. Product Selection Very random. Some days I see name brands I love. Other days it doesn't even list the brand it just says "boot" and you need to search through them all. Can feel like wasting too much time sometimes. Product Pricing I got a chemical peel I like for half off the price I pay at sephora. Customer Service Didn't use Shipping and Returns Shipping was fast



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I learned about ideeli.com from a friend who sent me an exclusive invite to join the site. Back then - about three or four years ago - this was the only way to get exclusive deals and such on what I believe are called flash sale sites. Not sure if this is still a requirement, but either way, it's a great way to save money on quality brands and merchandise. I've purchased mostly clothing and shoes from ideeli, and with a few exceptions, I've been happy with the price, fit, color and style of every item. I did buy a pair of jeans once that did not fit well, and another time I purchased a wool-blend sweater or poncho that I wasn't happy with. Both times I was able to return the items and receive a refund or credit. If you don't like to wait a while for your purchases, you should know that it will take a little while for your item to ship, even after the flash sale is over. Ideeli.com does a good job at making sure you know all of the important dates and times - when the item will be available, how long you have to take advantage of the price, and when the item is expected to ship. Ideeli sends out an email announcing new "events" on a daily basis. You can choose to opt out if you want. I found that I was watching the clock for that email on a near-daily basis, and while I'm usually pretty good with discretionary spending, I was getting a little crazy with my purchases, and trying to figure out "need" vs "want." And since I don't like a lot of clutter in my in-box, I choose to follow them on Twitter and Facebook so I'm not tempted every day, but I don't miss out on good deals, especially around the holidays.

Pasadena, CA



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