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iSatori Energize Dietary Supplement

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Energize Dietary Supplement, yes jitters and shakes.


As I work out most days I like to have something to give me the extra energy I need. I have tried the 5 hour energy, and they made me off the wall. so when Energize say "No jitters, no crash, no bitter taste", I had to try them. The box contains 28 tablets, and they come in 2 sleeves of 14. They are in a bubble so that you can just push them through. They are green, and large. It is suggested that a serving is 2, but I only took one, as I can get a nervous stomach. They are coated so you can't taste them, and are 'multi-layered time release' so take them whole. I tried one before my workout, and I was fine for the first hour, and then my stomach started to shake, and I felt a little nausea. I made sure that I ate some food, and soon after the feeling stopped. These are not for me, but if you have a cast iron stomach then these should be fine to take. I will go back to energy bars as they work great for me.

New Port Richey, FL


iSatori Energize Dietary Supplement

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