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I love this!


This product it great! I can set it and go do something else and it cleans away. The Roomba goes from carpet to area rugs to tile floors easily. One drawback is if there are snags in the carpt or area rugs, it tend to get hung up on them. It has even picked up several cat toys that I did not know were under the bed. I have 5-year-old twins and clutter on the floor is a problem so I have to pick-up considerably before using.

Manhattan, KS


Roomba Sage is my friend


I've had this unit almost four years now and still love it.  The only complaint is the battery.  Batteries don't last forever and don't last as long as they used to.  Other than that, I love this thing.  It's almost like having a pet.  He works well over the hard floors but I do have a few rugs.  He has no problem adjusting between the two.  I like starting roomba and then heading to the store or going outside to do some work, then coming back and having him done.  Mine came with the docking station which I really like.  If he's near the docking station and the battery gets low, he'll return "home" and start charging on his own.  I make sure I embty all the bins after each run and then after a couple of runs, I'll take the air hose to him and clean him up.  When new, the battery would last over an hour and a half but as the battery gets old, it only lasts just under an hour.  Mine also came with the barrier which I set up when I just want to do one area.  Overall, I really like this product and would recommend it.

Anaheim, CA


Roomba - My Favorite Thing


Roomba is the best vacuum cleaner I ever owned. I have hardwood floors and the floors shine when roomba is done. It is extremely thorough and goes over the whole floor several times from different angles.Whle you do have to declutter the floor - that is a good thing for me. It forces me to pick up - which is not in my nature. But the joy of having such a clean floor makes me want to get the room ready for roomba.It is easy to clean the dust bin - one click and it is out. Its a little harder to clean the brush - but roomba comes with a special tool that works great - if you don't lose it. Otherwise - you can improvise.My only real complaint is that it doesn't quite get under my kitchen cupboards - but I think the newer ones are a little lower to the ground.And you get to walk away from the room and do other things while you vacuum.Plus - its fun to watch.

Madison, WI


Makes my job easier, but takes a lot of time to clean.


I was very excited when I got this product because I have 4 cats and a dog and needless to say, there is a lot of hair in my home and kitty litter tracked everywhere on my hard floors.  I had just had my first baby and needed a clean home but didn't have the time or energy to vaccum every day.  The roomba definately makes the vacuuming easier, but the problem is that I need to take it apart and clean it every time I use it.  And it didn't transfer well from hard floors to carpet.  It kept getting stuck.  The instructions say to do it every 3 times you use it if I remember correctly.  I was doing this but the roomba ended up breaking anyway.  It wasn't picking up the dirt anymore.  I called customer service and they did send me a replacement, but asked me to ship the broken one back to them.  So since I received the new one, I make sure I clean it every single time I use it.  Since I got the new one, it does do much better with running on the carpet, however, when I clean it, it takes forever to get pieces of the carpet out that are wrapped around the brushes.  So I just don't run it on the carpet anymore.  Most of my home is hard floors anyway.  The roomba does do well with picking up the dirt along the walls and in corners, because there is a little brush that sticks out the side. So I like that I don't have to push the vacuum around, but I don't really save time because of all the time I spend cleaning it out so that it won't break.  I would definately recommend this product if you don't have pets.   If you do have pets, it's still a good product, but just be sure to take the time to clean it or it won't last very long.

Metairie, LA


It does all the work


This is a great product if you hate to or don't have the time to vacuum. It is easy to understand. You can turn it on and leave the house and it does all the work. My kids like to watch it go. It knows how to get out of a jam and if it can't it has a tone to tell you it needs help. You do have to empty it every time you run it. and You have to clean the filter often. I think its the best cleaning devise ever made!   

Prattville, AL


iRobot Vacuum

4.4 5