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iRobot Roomba Vacuum

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iRobot Roomba New & Improved to get the Job Done!


iRobot Roomba is much more improved and has better suctions to provide a quality vacuum for low traffic areas. It is much improved from the initial models that basically had little to no suction. Don't throw your Dyson away just yet but they are getting better with each new model that is released. I would even endorse it as worthy or a justifying the price tag they come with. I currently have a dog and a cat and I run my Roomba once a day and break out the Dyson about once every ten days. It keeps my floors well maintained until I have time to use a more powerful, manual vacuum. Maneuverability Maneuverability is wonderful. Turn it on and turn it loose. It will spin around the floor and go over dirty areas several times until all the cat or dog hair is picked up. I don't know how it know it didn't get it all or how it knows when to move on from a spot, but it does. It's great. Ease of Maintenance Maintenance is simple. Dock it on the charger when it's not in use, let it clean and do it's thing, then empty to dirt compartment box and place it back on the dock. Simple. Suction Performance Suction is so much better than it used to be with the early models but still has improvements that need to be made. Suction is good enough to keep your house clean in between the deeper cleanings. Versatility Works well with sweeping up dirt and pet hair. It can also clean up the dirt and dust on your hard surfaces. Design I love the design and I think it looks really cool. Everyone who comes over that hasn't seen a Roomba want me show them how it works and put on a demonstration for them. Durability My number one concern for the IRobot Roomba is the durability. It does work on a lot of electrical parts that could be a problem, but the main concern is the life of the rechargeable battery. They can be expensive to replace and can be the death of the vacuum.



iRobot Roomba Vacuum

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