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iRobot Roomba Discovery Vacuum

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It makes cleaning the house so easy


I am so happy with this vacuum! It is such a time-saver! I don't mind cleaning the house, but I HATE to vacuum the floors. Now all I have to do is pick up the stuff off the floor (toys, power cords, etc.) and let the Roomba loose. It leaves my floors looking great. The only issue I have had so far is that it leaves a trail of dust bunnies along the edge of rugs ... a small price to pay for such convenience. The battery life is fine for my small-sized house and the dirt bin is ample size as well. My other favorite feature is the noise level - I could never vacuum the house with my daughters around, before, because they hated the loud noise. This vacuum is so quiet that you can be in the same room and still have a conversation! Maneuverability It even gets underneath the couch! Ease of Maintenance You do need to clean it out after every use to keep it working like new,



Ideal for a quick cleaning when you have other things to do.


I have had this Roomba for over 4 years. It's great for quick cleanups when you just don't have time to use a regular vacuum. Maneuverability It has sensors in it that direct it on it's path. It gets most areas,especially high traffic areas. Also comes with a remote that lets you drive it to where it needs to go. Ease of Maintenance Hit the button and let it go. I can do laundry in the other room and come back to a vacuumed room. Suction Performance Does a good job. I had vacuumed the day before I got my Roomba an it still pulled out more dirt from my carpet. I was amazed. Versatility I have wood and carpet floors. It does a great job on both. Design Small enough to go under the coffee table and can be kept in a corner without getting in the way. I store mine under under a chair and nobody sees it. Durability Mine is going on 5 years, with a couple of new batteries. I'm surprised it lasted this long because it gets a workout at least 3 times a week.

Tulare, CA


iRobot Roomba Discovery Vacuum

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