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iHome iPad® Mini Case Swivel Folio Black


iHome Swivel Folio Case - Protective cover for tablet - rubber - black - for Apple iPad mini

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Just OK


I purchased this case for my husband when he bought his iPad mini. He did not care for it so he passed it back to me to use on mine. I can see why he wasn't thrilled with the purchase. This isn't a terrible case, by any means. I like the way it snaps the iPad into place and it doesn't cover the screen. However, this is also sort of a disadvantage because it doesn't offer very much protection. I like that it swivels so that I can stand it up while watching a movie or reading a recipe. I use this feature often. However, being that I swivel it back and forth quite a bit, I feel like it isn't going to hold up very long. The swivel on it is plastic and feels like it might give out soon. Also, the fabric is beginning to unravel at the seams. I haven't had the case very long and I do not travel much with it so I am not putting it in and out of a bag or anything so I can't understand why it is wearing so quickly. If you are looking for an average case and you use your iPad minimally, I guess this would be an OK case for you. However, I think I will be shopping for a new one soon.

Hendersonville, NC


Best folio case for ipad!


I'm pretty familiar with the iHome line of products. I have bought several different things from the brand over the years and for the most part have never been dissapointed. When I purchased my iPad for work I knew I wanted to buy a sturdy and long lasting case for it. I did look at several different kinds before finding this one by ihome. I didn't want anything to flashy so I gravitated to the black one. I found this iHome mini swivel folio iPad case and knew this is the one I wanted. I bought it and couldn't be happier with my purchase. I've had it for just about three months and it has done a great job protecting my iPad in all kinds of situations and environments. I've even spilled hot coffee on it a couple of times and it protected my iPad and was easy to clean. Since the iHome brand is a pretty top grade company- this cover did cost a little bit more than your average cover or case. But believe me when I tell you that it is well worth the Price. Not only has it protected my iPad from spills but from drops and bumps as well. It is such a good case that I bought a second one and gave it as a gift to my friend for her birthday. I will never buy a case that isn't iHome again For my iPad.



iHome iPad® Mini Case Swivel Folio Black

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