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iHome iP56 Rechargeable portable speaker system for iPod and iPhone

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iHome IP56 is adequate


The iHome docking station is function and easy to use. It's compact size allows for use anywhere, however it is necessary to plug the unit in as the battery life is very short. Sound Quality The sound quality is adequate, although I have heard better. Since this is a portable unit I use it outdoors so the sound quality is not really an issue. I would not use this docking station as my primary sourse for music . Performance I have had no issues with the performance of this machine. Does what they claim it will do and is light weight and esy to carry with you when necessary. Battery Life I don't know if the low battery life is due to the machine itsrlf for the iPhone which I use on it, but I have to plug the unit in to get extended use of the player. Wish I could use it without the plug for more exteded time. Durability I have not had any issues with this machine. I have owned and used it for several years now without the need for any repair. Ease of Use The machine is very easy to use, plug it in, insert the iPhone (in my case) and turn it on. It has a remote control for normal functions so that is convenient, don't have to be near devise to change volume, etc. Nice feature. Design The design of the unit i good, meets all my needs. Small overall so you don't need a lot of space to store it. Light weight , esy to tote around.all

Huntington Station, NY


Easy to use and good sound quality.


Being able to listen to music while my phone is on the charging station is really handy when I am in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up. It's also really nice when working at my desk. My only negative comment is that it does not work well with my Otter box. Sometimes you have to get the angle just so because the box makes it a tight squeeze to place the phone on the charger. It works well with an iPod, however, and with an iPhone that is not in the Otter box. Sound quality is good, and the volume is easy to set. It also places the phone where you can still use it while it is still in place, which is handy for a text message or email. Also nice to use as a recipe or cookbook app holder. There is no software to upload or anything to do besides plug it in and put the phone or ipod on the charger. So easy to use. When you are done, just unplug it or just remove the phone or ipod and that's it. Easy, easy, easy. It also takes up very little room, making it nice for a busy desk or work station. Design Needs extra room for iphones with Otter boxes.



iHome iP56 Rechargeable portable speaker system for iPod and iPhone

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