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gud Foaming Hand Wash

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Not a Hand Wash I'd buy again


This hand wash was not what I envisioned it to be. The vanilla scent was not really noticeable, especially when compared to other foaming soaps I've tried that were scented, which was a major reason I had decided on this product (my husband likes very few scents, and vanilla is his favorite). In addition I didn't feel like enough soap foam would come out without pushing down the handle multiple times, which was annoying. I never felt like my hands were actually clean, and I really wanted to go buy another soap pretty much the whole time I used this bottle. I don't recommend this product, which is disappointing because in the past I've loved products sold by or recommended by Burt's Bees. The plus side of this product is that it's more natural than most other hand soaps out there, and if you buy it as part of a grab bag from Burt's Bees, as I did, then even if you don't care for it all that much you won't feel like your money was wasted. Effectiveness I never felt like my hands were clean because not enough product would come out with one push or sometimes even two. Scent Not noticeably scented.



gud Foaming Hand Wash

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