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formica laminate flooring

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Due to being a home full of dogs and cats (three dogs and two cats) we have a pet hair issue.  I am a confirmed neat freak and vacuum or sweep daily, not only to keep ahead of the never ending dirt and dust but I swear our dogs are out to win a record in shedding.  My husband has severe, year around allergies and dogs and cats are near the top.  Not wanting to part with his beloved dogs (not too sure he feels the same way about the cats) we are always looking for ways to decrease his allergy symptoms.  A few weeks ago we pulled up the carpet and padding in our bedroom.  It not only was a dust and dog hair magnet it was a not so pretty shade of pink!  I was shocked at all the dust and junk that was trapped in the carpet and under the edges.  After a thorough cleaning and dusting of the walls we had installed Formica brand laminate flooring.  This flooring went down without a problem and in less than one day.  What a difference it has made.  I still have to sweep daily but the dog hair and dander do not linger.  Any spills or "accidents" clean up easily and quickly.  We love the look and ease of care.  For anyone with allergies I highly recommend this product.


Albany, OR


formica laminate flooring

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