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Forever Sharp
Forever Sharp Knife Set

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simply wonderful!


I would recommend these knives to anyone. I have had mine for almost 16yrs, and they work just as well now as they did new. I have read reviews complaining about them rusting, well, i take care of mine/wash them per instructions and not one knife is rusted. If you clean them as instructed, they will last forever. The warranty is amazing, too. I broke 2 of them a couple of years ago and even though they were about 14yrs old, i got them replaced for free, no hassle. I'm a trauma RN and i keep the paring knife in my medical bag, comes in very handy. So, simply said, buy them. They are beyond worth the money! Comfort Wish the handle was a bit thicker/bigger. That's the only complaint i have about them. Performance Wonderful! I can actually slice tomatoes without them getting smashed up. Durability No complaints but if you do break it, they replace it for free, no hassles, no questions. I've had to replace several due to a rough camping trip. Replacement was easy and friendly.




should you ever need a real knife this is it!!


I recieved these knifes as a christmas present 4 years ago (my mom worked at a discount store), and they are still just as sharp as they were when I got them and trust me my husband using them for every thing!


Newport, NC


Forever Sharp Knife Set

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