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eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

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I love eos shaving cream!


I love eos shaving cream! My favorite is the wonderfully scented lavender jasmine. Eos has taken a necessary task and turned it into pampering! The plastic, easy to grip bottle of eos shave cream is made of 25 % recycled material and is recyclable as well. The handy pump gives helps assure the right amount of cream for shaving. The cream feels rich and smooth going on and spreads well. The best feature of eos shave cream, though, is the way my legs feel after a shave. Silky and touchable, my legs no longer need extra moisturiser or lotion after shaving with eos. Usually my legs are very dry in the winter. Not so when using eos shave cream. Even my husband noticed a difference! You will too! Eos is paraben-free and contains natual aloe and shea butter for radiant healthy skin. Eos is available in three wonderful scents and can be found at most drug stores and discount stores for a reasonable price.

Neenah, WI


Smooth legs!


I have the Lavender Jasmine EOS Shaving Cream, and I really love it. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon EOS products (Check out their lip balms - Amazing!). I know some of you might not like this shaving cream, because it's almost like lotion. But to me, that's why I love it! It doesn't foam that much, but the lotion-y texture is what gives ultra moisturization to my legs! It leaves me with no irritation or bumps. One of the most convenient things about this shaving cream is that you can use it on either wet or dry legs! Either way, it'll work fine and leave you with smooth legs. There's tons of moisturizing ingredients like aloe, oat, shea butter to soothe skin. Remember, antioxidants boost skin's radiance and sheen! I also like the smell of the Lavender Jasmine. (I haven't smelled the other scents yet). I would say that if you have really sensitive skin or would like a shaving cream that is foamy and traditional, don't buy this one. But if you really want something that's novel and will provide you with a boost of moisture to the legs, give this one a try!

Arlington, VA


I will never go back.


I. Love. This. Shave cream. It asks on the side of the container if shave cream can make you smile and, although I'm slightly embarrased to admit it, this stuff DOES make me smile. I have tried all of the scents, (pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bliss, lavender jasmine and cucumber melon), and have loved all of them, although I am partial to the lavender jasmine. With other shave gels, it feels almost like you are putting chemicals on your legs which, I suppose, in many ways you are. Eos shave gels are paraben-free which I love because it makes me feel better about what is getting washed down my drain. Speaking of protecting the earth, the bottle is recyclable and has a great feel to it, with grips and non-slick siding. Even better, it doesn't rust which always stunk with other gels which seemed to rust even if it says it won't. It feels REALLY good on your skin and goes on very creamy. I haven't found that it clogged my razor very much- at least not that can't be washed out under the shower head which I don't mind because I know that the thickness is to thank for my silky skin after my shave. It is priced similarly to other shave gels, but I feel like I get so much more with this brand that I'm sticking to my new favorite!

Kalamazoo, MI




My favorite cream shave lotion is the Trader Joe's/Alba stuff.  I though this might be similar, but it's thicker and greasier, and it tends to clog the razor, especially with 3+ blade razors. It smells nice, but didn't give me an especially close shave.  It did leave my legs feeling fairly well moisturized, though not well enough to skip lotion.  I got this on sale, but normally, it's expensive for this type of product.  The smell doesn't stick around, either.  eos lip balms are wonderful, but this is below average, and will just wreck your razors faster than usual.  I don't know why an apparently natural product has mineral oil, either.  Skip this and try the TJ's stuff, or just use a creamy body wash and exfoliating puff.  If you do have this, rinse your razor frequently, with HOT water, or it'll become too clogged to use.  I'd love to see this reformulated, since I know the company can make good products. 

Maricopa, AZ


Smells great and leaves legs super smooth


I just recently tried EOS shave cream, and I loved it.  Before I just shaved with water and body wash, because most shaving creams are too thick and clog up the razor, which I can't stand.  EOS is different though.  It's thinner and more creamy.  You get a really close shave and your legs feel super smooth for a long time.  Plus, it smells great.  I don't know what the other scents smell like, but I tried the pomegranate raspberry one, and I love it.  It also moisturizes legs, which is important for me as I have dry skin.  I'm definitely hooked and will continue to use this product. 

North Brunswick, NJ


The holy grail of shaving cream


One of the great things about knowing people who work for magazines is that they get all kinds of cool free products to test. One of my roommates received a bunch of free samples of eos (evolution of smooth) Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream, and like any good roommate, I promptly stole a bottle to try for myself. What did I find? eos is the holy grail of shaving cream. My favorite thing about eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream is that you can use it wet or dry. It works great in the shower, and it works just as well without any water. It also rubs in like a lotion so you don't even have to rinse it! Right now, it is available in three really amazing scents: Vanilla Bliss, Island Blue and Pomegranate Raspberry. The formula contains natural aloe, shea butter, oat and vitamins C and E to help moisturize really well. It also allows for a really close shave and my legs stayed smooth for a lot longer than when I used other shaving creams. eos is definitely the evolution of smooth.

Chicago, IL


eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

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