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enjuvia enjuvia

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relief from hot flashes, night sweats


I had severe hot flashes, night sweats from menopause.  I tried everything!  I started at a low dosage of enjuvia and  gradually increased the dosage. The lowest dosage is .36 mg. At .45 mg I saw no difference in my symptoms so I increased it to .65 mg.  There was some relief within a day.  I am now on .92 mg dosage.  I broke into a heavy sweat every 45 minutes during the day and night before starting this medication.  It affected my daily living and prevented me from getting a decent night's sleep.  Now I have "flushes" only periodically during the day.  During the night I wake up about every 2 to 3 hours with a warm sensation but I am not sweating heavily.  I'd tell anyone who is suffering from menopausal symptoms to try enjuvia.  It's changed my entire outlook on life.  There have been no adverse side effects.  I'd simply recommend taking the smallest dosage you find effective for your condition.


Manassas, VA


enjuvia enjuvia

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