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emachine desktop computer

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Great home computer


Recieved this computer for Christmas and I love it.  It is so much faster than my previous computer.  Graphics load beuatifully.  I can't believe how small it is; it hardly takes up any room at all.  Windows 7 is much easier to use than I expected.  When we plugged our printer in, it brought up the drivers we needed.  No need to hunt for start-up disks or look online, it was all there for us.  I like the visual task bar on the bottom of the screen that makes it easy to go back and forth between multiple applications.  Loading software is simple and easy.  My children are abl;e to play online games that would not load or froze up constantly on our old computer and videos stream much more smoothly.  It is a great home computer.  The only thing we don't like is the new version of microsoft office that you get as a trial, but we just put our old version on and continue to use that.  I can recommend this.

Diamond, OH


Very Good


**I bought this emachine unaware that Gateway was Purchasing the company.** **Both purchases arrived in a non functioning condition.** ** Through Three trips to their service center the First one was still loaded with inefficencies.** ** The current e1200, arrived with a non functioning cooling fan. After several calls, shipment to their repair shop, it came back not working.** **During My original call, a Young Lady was going to ship me a working fan. However, Her Supervisor interrupted the call and said the computer was workng just fine, although it would not Write more than 2 CD's before the Drive would overheat and Freeze up.** **It locked up the computer to the point, I was required to manually shut it down.** **I will never Buy any product Gateway sells, again.** ** **

Carrollton, GA


emachine desktop computer

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