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Eluxury is Luxury Online


Eluxury is a dream come true. Eluxury sells the top designer's products, online. For many of these designers, such as Louis Vuitton, it is the only place to buy authentic items online. Eluxury is owned by LVMH, the company who brings us Louis Vuitton and Fendi. Eluxury also sells Christian Dior, Donna Karan, La Perla, and many other top designers' product lines. Shopping Eluxury is like shopping at boutiques -- sales are rare, but the merchandise is top quality and is well, luxurious. On Eluxury, you can expect to find ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, make-up, and my personal favorite item -- purses. If you are looking for a gift, Eluxury makes your quest a little easier. You can search by designer, type of product, and even price range. This makes it easy to find a little something for that special someone in your life. If you know your product lines well, shopping at Eluxury can be a little difficult. The hot designers will usually release a few items in limited quantities, which make them even more desirable. Eluxury will often only release a few of an item at a time when it is that desirable, if they even have any in stock at all. This makes finding the very rare items a bit like winning the lottery. I tried for over a week to find one such very difficult to acquire line of products. In desperation, I contacted the live help portion of the website. I let the sales associate know my frustration and asked her if she wouldn't mind telling me when more might be in. To my surprise, she let me know of two products that she just got in stock, and she placed my order right over the live help! When you receive a purchase from Eluxury, they make you feel like you've truly just received something luxurious. Opening the regular mailing box reveals the wrapped inner Eluxury box. Upon opening the inner Elux box, you find the inner product's box. And inside of that, there is your new baby -- your new purse, or whatever you ordered. There are rarely any discounts for shopping at Elux, and shopping at Elux is generally not cheap. But, oh, when you get your products in your hands, it is so worth it. Shopping is a breeze. There is a search field on every page, and you can also shop by seeing what's "hot" in whatever price-range you are looking to spend. Live help has been a wonderful resource for me. Representatives are available to answer your questions and concerns. If no representatives are available, you can also leave your information, and one will get back to you shortly. When you are connected with live help, a chat window opens up between yourself and the Sales Associate. The Sales Associate can check product details for you, help you decide between items, help check for availability on items, and many other things. They are a godsend! I have ordered six items from "Elux" in the past two weeks or so. All of them were for very rare products. Unfortunately, you cannot add yourself to a waiting list for products on Elux. One must return to the site and search, search, search until they find what they are looking for. Unfortunately, most of the rules which certain product lines have must be followed by Eluxury. For example, I have been buying the Louis Vuitton "Cherry Blossom" line. In this line, one can only buy one bag and two accessories. That's all one is allowed to buy. Period. End of story. I ignored this rule, thinking they'd never enforce it. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I knew I was breaking "the rule" by having ordered five items in the Cherry Blossom line. To my chagrin, I just received a call from a Sales Associate who informed me that she would need to cancel one of my orders. Luckily, it was something I ordered two of, but, still, I'm sad to have something cancelled on me. I guess it's only fair when some items are so horribly limited. Luckily, she let me keep the other four items I had ordered. She did, however, remind me that I was lucky to be allowed to do so! Shipping is rather quick, even with standard shipping. Unfortunately, all orders over $500 require a signature. While I can understand why they have this rule, I do think it is annoying. You now have to worry about shipping your package to an address where someone will be available to sign. It does make you wish there was a better way. Overall, Eluxury is a great site. You can get boutique products without having to leave your home. This is perfect for people on the go, as well as people who do not live in major metropolitan areas who do not have access to these stores. Overall, I couldn't be happier with Eluxury. I've written several emails to their customer care department to praise sales associates who have gone out of their way for me, and for the excellent products and service I've received from Eluxury. You probably won't find a bargain on Eluxury, but you will find products that are a real "treat" and you will get the royal treatment. Eluxury truly lives up to their name. I couldn't ask for much more!

New Milford, CT


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