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Only $139/class and gained lots of practical knowledge


I am reviewing an online school called ed2go.com.  I found this school when I was looking to take classes in the Austin TX area.  I looked into the local community college and noticed they had online classes.  When I probed a little further I found out that I could either schedule it through the school and receive credits or enroll directly into ed2go and deal with them directly.  Since I did not need credits I decided to enroll directly in a class at ed2go.  I decided to sign up for a webdesign class and really did not expect much but I was pleasantly surprised.  This is the type of subject I need to be walked through because it is very detailed.  However, when I started the class I found the lessons to be explained very well and I received much support from the instructors and teaching assistants.  They are available to answer questions.  There is also much support from the student community as well.  Students exchange ideas and questions as well as casual talk in the discussion area.  I surprised myself at how fast I was able to catch on to the material.  Two (2) lessons are released each week and then you take a quiz after each lesson and do the assignment.  You do not have to take the quiz or submit assignments as it does not affect your grade but it does help you to understand the material better.  However, if you want to receive your certificate for sucessfully passing the class you have to take and pass the final exam. Since the first class I took with ed2go.com I also took "Secrets of Better Photography" Webpage design 1 and 2, CSS and XHTML and next week I am beginning Intermediate CSS/XHTML.  Who knows this may be the beginning of a whole new career eventually. I have amazed both myself and friends with the knowledge I have gained and can now write coding needed to create a webpage.  There are so many other classes I would like to take and at $139/ how can you go wrong.  I realize that on-line school is not for everyone but you never know until you try.  ed2go has classes and enrichment classes in so many professional and personal development.  Everything from accounting, to paralegal, graphics, computer software, webdesign, teaching, nursing, writing a novel, being a care taker, foreign language, computer programing, drawing, and many many other classes.  Like I said before, you never know if online classes are for you because some people become very fustrated (I have seen this even in the classes I have taken).  However, it does work for me because I can go at my own pace.  I can even participate in the class if I go out of town.  All I need is access to a computer and I can log on and participate. Anyway I would have not found it if I had not looked up classes in my local community.  However, it does not mater where you live because in the classes I have taken there are people in the class from all over the country and in some cases even around the world.  In the last class I took there was a service person from Iraq taking the class.  You just never know who you will meet in class and where they are from.  The people in my class are from all walks of life and some are more skilled and others are novices. So, I encourage you to give it a try.

Kyle, TX


ed2go.com - -Online School,TX

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