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Not worth it


I tried eMusic with a free trial offer and then with a continuing subscription. The free trial was through Swagbucks, and they offered me a couple hundred swagbucks for signing up for a free trial. I was a bit hesitant about signing up with my credit card information for a free trial, but I decided to give it a try anyway (I typically don't like "free trials" that require payment information and will automatically roll over into a paid subscription). One thing that I was very disappointed in is that they temporarily charge your credit card a dollar as a confirmation of an accurate credit card number., even for a free trial. The dollar is returned after a couple days, but I do not like having money charged for a "free" trial, even if temporarily. Regarding the on going subscription, I kept a basic account that allowed a few song downloads per month. But I was very disappointed I the music selection available, and I have found that've monthly charge could not be justified for what I got out of it. After trying it for a few months, I found that it was just not worth the money.




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